The Long View

The Sustainable Future section publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Long View.  For information about publishing in The Long View, please see the newsletter editorial staff information.

Below is a list of our recent newsletters.  Please click here to go to our archives of past issues.

Summer 2015 — The Long View – No. 20

  • What Does the Papel Encyclical, Laudato Si, Say to Lawyers? by Max Miller
  • Thinking Globally on Global Climate Change: An Evangelical Reflection by Paul Louis Metzger
  • A Survey of Oregon Groups Taking a Grassroots Approach to Climate Change: Part Two by Ann McQuesten
  • Oregon Bike Law: A Quick Reference Guide by Charley Gee
  • Section Announcements:
    • Head Over Heels for Bike Law, August 26, 2015, 12:15-1 pm
    • Save the Date – Tree Planting Event, November 14, 2015
    • 2015 Sustainable Law Office Leadership Award: Compost Challenge! Applications due August 28, 2015

Spring 2015 — The Long View – No. 19

  • 45 Days of Earth Days – A Critical Overview by Brian Tokar
  • Just a Theory on People and Climate Change by Steve Harvey
  • New York Court Rules that Chimpanzees Must Have Duties to be Considered “Persons” by Lindsay A. Byrne
  • Oregon Public Policy Initiatives – Responding to Climate Change by Lyndon “Tuck” Wilson
  • A Survey of Oregon Groups Taking a Grass Roots Approach to Change: Part One by Ann McQuesten
  • Book Review by Max Miller: “The Conscience Economy: How A Mass Movement For Good is Great For Business” by Steve Overman

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