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Fall 2014 — The Long View - No. 17

  • Climate Change Plaintiffs Advance in Court of Appeals by Liam Sherlock
  • Guardians for Future Generations in Other Nations by Jesse Matsukawa
  • Are Livestock Animal Welfare and Environmental Sustainability Compatible? by Marie Burcham
  • Section News:
  • 2014-2016 Partners in Sustainability
  • Opinion:
  • Why You Should Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 92 by George A. Kimbrell
  • Why You Should Vote No on Ballot Measure 92 by John A. DiLorenzo, Jr.


Summer 2014 — The Long View – No. 16


Spring 2014 — The Long View – No. 15

  • Genetically Engineered Salmon.  Aurora Paulson, a Legal Fellow at the Center for Food Safety, discusses issues related to genetically engineered salmon and efforts being made to secure FDA approval to raise GE Salmon for food.
  • Program Announcement!  Collaborative Forestry Field Trip on June 28, 2014
  • 2014 Law Office Leadership Award Announcement:  Paperless Office (Nominations due July 31)
  • Partners in Sustainability Program:  Revised Criteria
  • Around Town: Innovations to Advance Sustainability:  In 2013, the Section presented its third annual Sustainable Law Office Leadership Award to Markowitz Herbold Glade & Mehlhaf PC to recognize the most innovative recent practice of a law firm in advancing sustainability. In this article, we describe the innovative practices of the other law firms who applied for the 2013 Award.

Consider This . . . “Before this we thought we knew this was happening, but now we have overwhelming evidence that it is happening and it is real.” ~Dr Saleemul Huq, Senior Fellow in the Climate Change Group at the International Institute for Environment and Development and one of the co-authors of the most recent IPCC report on climate change


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